Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Design Patterns

Design Patterns

Today, I brush up on design patterns.
Here is the link for you to read and to do so :

Sometimes, we knew it from the source code though we didn't see this is which design pattern. There will be a B=I=G questionmark about design patterns, do we need to know Design patterns? The question is as simple as that. But the answer will be not so straightforward. (Somebody may think the opposite of straightforward will be wavybackward.) Indeed, there is no such thing design patterns are the musts, all developer should know design patterns as his sweetheart's birthday. In the real world solution, we may use a lot of design patterns according to the framework's support or according to the structure of the architect/tech lead, who take most of the share from the projects. Anyway, the answer will absolutely depends on you. Do you want to know clearly and vividly about the design pattern though you may not use (except in your interviews)? If you give a mere yes or a small nod or shrug your shoulders, you should learn about these design patterns.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut in reading a book. If you are equally lazy as me, try to read regular hour(/s) everyday instead of reading a tech-book per day as geeks do. There are some patterns you should know as a good developer. These patterns are very useful if you really want to write quality codes.

For design patterns, I am reading Head First Design Patterns - O'Reilly Media.
One of my friends who suggests to read this book says it is easier to understand than the book written by Gang of 4. Of course all the head first series are fun to read.

We should be professional at least. Though we may not use a lot of Design Pattern in current environments, we should know proper ways of coding and basic patterns.

Most of us learnt design patterns @ school. After we had got some experiences from work, we should now digest our knowledge from school and fill the gap in our understanding of the software development.

There are two ways to prevent the reinventing the wheel; the first is not to do anything, sit tight and do nothing special, the second is to learn the proven solutions that conquer the same old barriers before.

Sometimes, working 2 hard can lead you 2 B mediocre. Read in advance something you may need to know in your life/work before you encounter the big problems.

Thanks for reading my post.

I will try to post some design patterns summaries soon.


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