Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Redirection in tomcat

Hi dudes,

Let say you got a difficulty level Extra Big A assignment for the new project.
It is to redirect the page. haha .. Juz kidding ...

Let me put in this way ...
The scenerio is you set up a tomcat.
And main page will show as ugly face of tomcat default which can be resided in /webapps/root/index.jsp

So please delete the ugly index.jsp and write an simple html and name it as index.html.

meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=https://domain.com/servletName"

Just put this meta tag in the index.html file header section.

This can redirect to your servlet in https. Need to buy cert for https from GoDaddy or whatever. :)

Thanks bro, Divinity for letting me copy his redirect page.
We are now doing together for payment gateway set up.
Hope he may wish to share some of his knowledge from this project.

I will catch up your number of posts ....

Yee-Haw !!!!!
2 posts in one day ...
Seems to be I am bzy so much ....


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